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UFO Humbuckers Have Landed!

UFO (Upper Frequency Optimised) humbucking pickups use an air coil and magnet poles (AlNiCo or FeCrCo) to bring single coil Strat-like highs and open crispness to PAF size humbucking design. 

Available in chrome, gold, black, and cream, covered or open bobbin

Direct retrofit for standard PAF sized humbucking pickups  $145 + Tax & Shipping

Supertone J Jazz Bass Pickup Upgrade 

More punch, bottom and mids for your Jazz Bass*

Direct replacment for Jazz Bass Pickups

No modifications required.

pole pieces provide consistent string distance along with calibrated pickup voicing for incomparably broad, flat frequency output.

Supertone JTM pickups are designed to keep up with the massive output of M&V Atlas Precision Bass replacement pickups for the fattest, hardest hitting P-J setup on the planet. 

14K ohms nominal

Available with 2 or 4 leads for series or parallel coil circuits or switching. 

While the iconic sound of the Fender Jazz Bass* has helped create some of the most memorable bass lines in music history, some folks have found the stock pickup sound to be too thin, too noisy, and lacking the "guts" and thickness of Precision Bass* or Soap Bar style humbucking pickups. 

The new Supertone JTM series is 100% noiseless (unlike stock single coil Jazz Bass* pickups) and adds depth, thickness and warmth comparable to Precision Bass* pickups.  AlNiCo

M&V Type II Humbuckers

A balanced blend of powerful dual-coil

humbuckers with single-coil pickup clarity

Hand scatter-wound, non-potted pickups with the magnet slugs inside oversize bobbin construction (instead of a single bar magnet underneath the bobbin, as in traditional PAF humbuckers) opens a new world of power and clarity for Humbucker players.  Taller bobbin design and revised internal architecture retains the power of dual coil humbuckers but adds the highs and snap missing in typical PAF style humbuckers. Get the bite and clarity of single coil pickups with the richness, power and hum-free operation of dual coil humbuckers. 

Typical "PAF" humbucking pickups have a single rectangular bar magnet mounted underneath the two pickup bobbins. In Type II M&V Humbuckers, the magnets are literally mounted inside the bobbin, as in Fender*-style guitars. The magnets are directly under the strings.  The magnet directly under the string is one of the major reasons single coil pickups sound so much more transparent and clear than typical dual coil humbuckers. 

The pole pieces in the pickup shown above are Alnico magnet slugs that are normally found in single coil Stratocaster* pickups.

Magnets-in-bobbin is what makes our Type II pickups a balanced blend of both humbuckers and single coil pickups, but without the usual single coil noise. 

The sheer power and humbucking of PAFs is preserved, while the frequency response and presence is greatly broadened by proximity of magnets too the strings. Players have described M&V Type IIs as sounding similar to very powerful P-90's but completely without any hum. 

M&V's own oversize bobbins fill the standard PAF pickup ring without a cover, allowing room for more pickup windings, and sometimes taller bobbin profiles are featured for more highs. 

Custom pickup designs can be produced on a special order basis. 

Pickups are available with Alnico 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 or ceramic magnets, with resistance ratings ranging from 2K to 15K.

The pole pieces in the pickup shown above are Alnico magnet slugs that are normally found in single coil Stratocaster* pickups.

Custom exotic wood bobbin faces are available. 

The M&V Type II shown with custom Bubinga covers.  Call to discuss options.

The M&V Type II Tall-Bobbin can be ordered with Alnico 2 or 5 poles, choice of over- or under-wound, varied height, etc. Call to discuss options.

M&V Type I Humbuckers

Standard PAF Style Humbuckers

over-winding to achieve high power output, as well as strategic metal placement to enhance overall pickup inductance. Dual Pole Screw models are also available.

All M&V pickups feature 4 lead connection for maximum flexibility in wiring options and tonal color.  

M&V Type I Humbuckers preserve the original magnet-under-bobbin architecture, but also changes some hardware on different versions to change pickup  inductance, resistance, etc.

These pickups, having the same architecture as standard PAFs,  sound much like PAFs. The enlarged pickup bobbins allow for considerable

The M&V Type I Pickup showing the rounded bobbin covers option, selectable at "Add to Cart."

All M&V pickups are customizable to your specifications.  Give us a call and let's discuss your particular pickup ambitions!

Atlas Precision Bass 

3/8-Inch Diameter Pole Piece Split Humbucker

AtlasTM 3/8" diameter pole P Bass* Style Pickups - your dreams of fatter, punchier depth and focus are realized with this direct replacement split humbucker. 

You can upgrade your Precision Bass* pickup to string-centered Music Man** size pole pieces and the fatter, punchier sound they bring. Available in standard version for more traditional tones, or High Output H.O. version for broader, more aggressive tones.  Can be used with  passive or active basses.

Atlas Split Coil Humbucker 4 String - When Leo Fender* re-designed his 1957 update to the original Precision Bass, the world of music was a different place: early electric bassists were trying to imitate the sound of the acoustic upright bass. Plus, early bass amplifiers had only limited ability to deal with the sharp, powerful signal spikes of magnets placed directly under the strings of a bass, and would distort the sound. So Leo placed the polepieces on either side of the string, to provide a smoother "attack", more like an acoustic upright bass. 

Modern bass amplifier technology is worlds beyond the amplifiers of the 1950's. When Leo's next company, Music Man** came on the scene, amplifiers were ready for the sharp, massive output of giant pole humbucking bass pickup poles directly under the strings. 

But today many players want a punchy thick and defined sound that doesn't get lost in a band setting. This pickup does exactly that. Atlas 3/8 inch diameter pickup pole pieces are double the size of standard P Bass 3/16" diameter pole pieces and capture area of string energy. AlNiCo magnets are featured.  

The much narrower pickup "aperture" (the length over which string vibrations are sensed) of the Atlas Split Coil Humbucker eliminates some of the frequency loss due to string phase cancellation inherent in a full- length dual coil humbucker.  The result is an unusually focused, punchy pickup with outstandingly tight bottom end.   

* Available in 4 lead version for series/parallel switching at no additional charge

direct replacement for standard Precision*  Bass pickups. 

Greetings, Tone Seeker!

You've Come to the Right Place!

If you are here, on this page, then there's a high likelihood it's because you're on a quest to find your own holy grail of tone for your guitar or bass.  If that's the case, you are definitely in the right place to make that happen.

Joe Vervoordt—the "V" in "M&V"—is the brains, wizardry and engaging personality behind the M&V brand of pickups, ready to listen carefully to your desires, specs and expectations, then craft them into a pickup, or set, that will give you what it is you're after.

On this page you'll find some of our most appreciated "off the rack" models, ready to be dropped into your guitar or bass and get down to business, all with a variety of options

Each of these models, however, are ready to be tailored to your desires.  More punch, less punch, more top end, more bottom end, more articulation, broader or more narrow aperture, a range of magnet types and arrangements... the list is almost endless, limited only by your imagination.

All M&V pickups are customizable to your specifications.  Give us a call and let's discuss your particular pickup ambitions!

* Les Paul, SG, Precision Bass, P Bass, Jazz Bass, J Bass, Stratocaster, Fender, Gretsch and Framus are registered trademarks of their respective parent companies.  M&V Guitars & Pickups has no connection or affiliation with these companies, or their mentioned products.

The New P90/Humbucker Hybrid!

P90 Snarl & Snap!  No Hum!

Direct Retrofit for P90 Pickup — 1-15/16” Pole Spacing

Adjustable FeCrCo Magnet Pole Pieces

"I love the sound of P90 pickups! But my love was always tempered by how much I hate hum. I had to find a solution. 

A P90 sounds the way it does because it shares some characteristics with both Stratocaster and Gibson Humbucking pickups. 

By carefully recombining different elements of both single coil and humbucking pickups I've come-up with a design that sounds like a P90, but with no hum at all! 

Clear, fat, punchy and very articulate. Put it in your P90 guitar and feel the power. Available in both standard and overwound versions."

—Joe Vervoordt: Owner, Designer & Engineer

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