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Dennis MacPherson and Joe Vervoordt discuss test results of a series of experimental rodbucker pickups.

Titans, Supers and M2s

in process.

In the pipeline - the Super model gets a major re-design with 3 split single coil pickups, Strat* style controls, and locking tremolo.

M&V Rodbuckers fitted to Steve Brown's   (Trixter, Stereo Fallout) custom Learn guitar. 

Joe on a Titan V Mk II passive bass at Dingbatz, 

Clifton NJ May 2017

Tonemaster Bass at Ludlow Guitars, NYC 

Steve Brown rocking with Trixter and M&V Rodbucker pickups.

Joe plays Mule 1 (a test-bed guitar with most of the back removed, to make swapping pickups easy).

Mule 1 gets more pickups to test. 

About M&V Guitars

The Story Behind the Legend!

instruments look like they were made in a U.S. factory in the 1950's, in reality each instrument is handmade by an experienced, individual luthier. We use modern processes where there is a clear improvement in quality, such as machine-cut bodies and necks, and modern ultra-thin lacquers that breathe and wear better than nitrocellulose.

Our guiding principal is: Instrument quality, playability and tone are all that matter. Our passion for guitars is manifested in each model, and each instrument. Our instruments are created for those who are ready to forge their own sound. Are you ready to try something new and different?

M&V Guitars was founded in 2008 and debuted at Winter NAMM in Anaheim Cal. in 2009.

M&V Guitars and Pickups was formed to create new models of guitars, basses and pickups with unique capabilities and styling using the manufacturing techniques of the major U.S.A. brands of the 1950's and 60's. 

Our passion is to develop new and different guitars, basses and pickups that solve musical desires and expand instrument capabilities. Our guitars and basses will make you play differently and hopefully spark your creativity. We try to address the needs, desires and vision of musicians of all kinds. 

We employ mostly 1950's  materials and construction methods, using only the finest woods, hardware and processes. While our

We offer custom pickup modification and development services. Please contact us regarding your personal tonal ambitions.

Past, Present, and Future

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