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The Tonemaster

The Tonemaster™ is a new direction in sound and concept for bass guitars.  Although it looks like a hollow body bass, it is 100% solid body. The basic idea is to enhance the string response through greater overall string length, and transmitting that  through a low inertia bridge assembly to a thin, high resonance solid body shaped like a large, light 1.5 inch thick flat plate.

The result is a bass with the tonal complexity of an upright acoustic bass with the power, punch and articulation of an electric bass. The Tonemaster sounds like no other bass. It will change how you play and think about bass.

To faithfully reproduce and enhance those acoustic characteristics, the Tonemaster Series features an East active 3 band tone shaping circuit imported from England. Unlike other similar-appearing hollowbody basses, this bass features a standard Fender-style 34 inch scale, and extended-length through-body stringing. Part of the overall concept is that while it has the appearance of a hollowbody, is is actually an extremely thin solid body that makes it much more akin to a Fender Jazz Bass* than a Gretsch or Framus bass.

The result is a bass that produces an unusually live acoustic sound, with an extremely clear voice due to the greater string length and the resulting changes in string vibration. It combines the depth and punch of an electric bass with the sonic complexity of an acoustic upright bass or cello. Unlike a Jazz or Precision bass, the sensitivity to plucking is increased because the magnets extend continuously under the strings, rather than individual poles on either side.


  • Ziricote, or any other exotic wood top

  • Lightweight Swamp Ash body

  • Set Rock Maple neck

  • Rosewood Fretboard 

  • 5 ply Flame Maple top and side binding

  • 34" scale length

  • Ultra thin, hand-rubbed lacquer finish.

  • Single M&V modified Kent Armstrong 

  • Lipstick  Tube Humbucking Pickup.

  • Abalone Dot Fret Markers

  • Comfort-contoured back


  • Down= Parallel-Humbucking (broadest sound)

  • Middle= Non-Humbucking (single bridge coil thinnest sound)

  • Up= Series-Humbucking (deeper lows + mids, cut highs) 

Pickup Function Toggle:

Stacked Knobs Contol::

  • Volume 

  • Gain- Center Detent= Flat

  • Treble Boost/Cut- Center Detent= Flat

  • Bass Boost/Cut- Center Detent= Flat

  • Mid Boost/Cut- Center Detent= Flat

  • Mid Parametric Sweep- Changes boosted or cut frequency curve center 

MSRP:  $3600.00​

Order Your Tonemaster

Let's have a discussion on just what you'd like to see in your own version of the Tonemaster.

* Les Paul, SG, Precision Bass, P Bass, Jazz Bass, J Bass, Stratocaster, Fender, Gretsch and Framus are registered trademarks of their respective parent companies.  M&V Guitars & Pickups has no connection or affiliation with these companies, or their mentioned products.

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