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The MV Super

Inspired by both the Fender Stratocaster* and Gibson SG*, the philosophy behind the MV Super is a hybrid of the two: the SG-Strat love-child, more skewed toward the Gibson side of the equation because it packs two hot humbuckers and a set neck.  A side-by-side comparison with an SG would find the MV Super to be brighter because of the Rodbucker pickups installed in the original design.  Instead of the conventional bar magnet running beneath the wound bobbins array, the Rodbucker is a single bar magnet for each coil, mounted on its edge running the length of the pickup, and wound with 42 gauge wire for monstrous output.

The version shown here has a top of beautifully figured Waterfall Bubinga over an Alder body, contoured and “tummy-cut” for a snug fit.  The set neck is quarter sawn maple with an ebony fretboard and mother of pearl inlays, the headstock also laminated with Waterfall Bubinga, topped off with Gohtoh machine heads.


  • Ebony Fretboard on Maple Set Neck

  • Laminated Headstock with Gohtoh Tuners

  • Standard 3-way Pickup Selector Switch

  • Separate Volume, Single Tone Controls

  • 25" Scale

  • Choice of Humbucker-Style Pickups

  • TonePros Wraparound Bridge.

  • Lightweight, Chambered Alder Body with Waterfall Bubinga Laminate Top

Order Your MV Super

Let's have a discussion on just what you'd like to see in your own version of the MV Super.

* Les Paul, SG, Precision Bass, P Bass, Jazz Bass, J Bass, Stratocaster, Fender, Gretsch and Framus are registered trademarks of their respective parent companies.  M&V Guitars & Pickups has no connection or affiliation with these companies, or their mentioned products.

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