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Let's have a discussion on just what you'd like to see in your own version of the

M2 Studio.

The M2 Studio

The M2™ Studio series is the result of several years of research and development to produce a single guitar that can cover sharp, Telecaster* type sounds, through hollow middle pickup Stratocaster* sounds, to the mellow bassy neck pickup sounds of a Les Paul,* and virtually everything in-between. It's the perfect combination of Stratocaster*, Telecaster* and Les Paul* in one Les Paul style guitar. Every effort has been made to simplify the controls and configure them in an intuitive, understandable and easy to use fashion.  As on all models, the pickups are hum-cancelling.

This guitar is approximately the size of a Les Paul**. Necks offered range from Stout through Medium to Slim and Ultra Slim Shallow 'C' shapes. The Stout neck profile is similar to a flatter 1958 Les Paul* neck, while the Ultra Slim profile is slimmer than a slim Stratocaster* neck. Maple, Ebony and Rosewood fretboards with oversize Abalone dot inlays are available standard.

The versatility of this guitar comes from what are basically 2 Stratocaster* magnet-in-bobbin pickups wired together in a PAF Humbucker ring enclosure in the bridge position. All the biting highs and instant response of a Stratocaster's* bridge pickup is available in both original, dual single coil, and series wired Stratocaster* pickup forms. Instead of only one noisy single coil, you now have two other related, noiseless and more powerful choices.  

​In the neck position is an all-slug pole M&V Standard PAF Magnet Under Bobbin 4 lead Humbucker, providing the standard series-wired  humbucker sound, along with the added versatility of both parallel-wired , wider range humbucking  plus a single coil non-humbucking pickup option. The addition of Parallel and Single Coil configurations makes "air-ier", brighter neck pickup tones available. 

When both pickups are selected, 9 different coil combinations provide a wide range of highly usable tones. Cool sounds can be had by mixing and matching series, single coil and parallel pickups settings between the two pickups. Those sounds can be further varied by balancing neck and bridge pickup volumes against each other. 

The 3 toggle switches easily enable any one of 15 different pickup coil combinations.  

Still more tonal variety can be had in  the dual pickup position through the different value tone controls: The bridge tone control features a .01 Uf capacitor, while the neck pickup tone control features a darker .022 uf capacitor. These tone controls can  be mixed for a still wider variety of tones. The possibilities are endless. 

The 25.5 inch scale is the same length as a Stratocaster*, and provides all the bright, chimey sound you would expect from the increased string  tension and brightness. 

All American Made Switchcraft electronic components.  


  • Solid Body - Swamp Ash

  • Northern Ash Neck

  • Waterfall Bubinga (or other exotic wood) Top Plate, Headstock & Pickup Covers

  • Transparent Tobacco back and neck

  • ​Oversize Abalone dot markers

  • 25.5 Inch scale

  • Adjust-o-matic Bridge

  • Gotoh Oversize Strap Buttons

  • Thru-Body Stringing

  • 12" Radius Fretboard

  • Unbleached Natural Bone Nut

  • Bridge Pickup - 12K Ohm M&V Type II Magnet
    in Bobbin PAF Humbucker

  • Neck Pickup - 8.8K Ohm M&V Type I Magnet Under Bobbin Humbucker

  • Gotoh 510 18:1 ratio Tuning machines

  • (2) Stacked Volume & Tone Neck & Bridge Pickup Control Knobs

  • ​(2) 3-way Series/Single/Parallel Pickup switches

  • (1) Pickup Selector Toggle Switch for Neck/Both/Bridge Pickup selection.

* Les Paul, SG, Precision Bass, P Bass, Jazz Bass, J Bass, Stratocaster and Fender are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instrument Corp and Gibson Brands, Inc. M&V Guitars & Pickups has no connection or affiliation with Fender Musical Instrument Corp., Gibson Brands, Inc, or their mentioned products.

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