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AtlasTM 3/8" diameter pole P Bass* Style Pickups - your dreams of fatter, punchier depth and focus are realized with this direct replacement split humbucker. 

You can upgrade your Precision Bass* pickup to string-centered Music Man** size pole pieces and the fatter, punchier sound they bring. Available in standard version for more traditional tones, or High Output H.O. version for broader, more aggressive tones.  Can be used with  passive or active basses. 

AtlasTM P Bass 3/8 Inch Diameter Pole Piece Split Humbucking Pickups - direct replacement for standard Precision*  Bass pickups.  
Atlas Split Coil Humbucker 4 String - When Leo Fender* re-designed his 1957 update to the original Precision Bass, the world of music was a different place: early electric bassists were trying to imitate the sound of the acoustic upright bass. Plus, early bass amplifiers had only limited ability to deal with the sharp, powerful signal spikes of magnets placed directly under the strings of a bass, and would distort the sound. So Leo placed the polepieces on either side of the string, to provide a smoother "attack", more like an acoustic upright bass. 

Modern bass amplifier technology is worlds beyond the amplifiers of the 1950's. When Leo's next company, Music Man** came on the scene, amplifiers were ready for the sharp, massive output of giant pole humbucking bass pickup poles directly under the strings. 

But today many players want a punchy thick and defined sound that doesn't get lost in a band setting. This pickup does exactly that. Atlas 3/8 inch diameter pickup pole pieces are double the size of standard P Bass 3/16" diameter pole pieces and capture area of string energy. AlNiCo magnets are featured.  

The much narrower pickup "aperture" (the length over which string vibrations are sensed) of the Atlas Split Coil Humbucker eliminates some of the frequency loss due to string phase cancellation inherent in a full- length dual coil humbucker.  The result is an unusually focused, punchy pickup with outstandingly tight bottom end.        

* Available in 4 lead version for series/parallel switching at no additional charge

Atlas Split Coil Humbucker 4 String - PBSH032717A - $125
Replacement Pickups for Precision Bass 

​PJ pair - Supertone J Bridge + Atlas Neck pickup combo - Pair - $250

Vintage Guitar Magazine (online) Review in Nov. 2012 Digital Issue Link

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M&V Guitars & Pickups warrant the operation of our pickups for defects in material or workmanship for 5 years. We have a 21 day exchange period for tonal reasons, for which you will receive a basic specification Fender-style M&V Precision Bass pickup for the same price. Both exchanges and warranty repairs require that the pickups be un-altered, with original length unaltered lead wires, and be undamaged by punctures, corrosion, or any other externally caused physical damage.  
6 String Version PBSH032717B/B   - $145
User Testimonials on Talkbass Forum:
"I have had 6 sets of other well known pickups in this bass, and these are the kings.

"These blur the lines between passive and active pickups." 

".....great P-Bass tone- just a lot more of it."

"I am flat-out impressed"   -  Vintage1 - 12.26.13

"The price is right, and they made my '50s Precision, which used to sound pretty good,    sound VERY good."
 - Fugg56  - 1.16.14
5 String Fender Made in America version
PBSH032717B/A   - $140.00
We offer some custom shop modification services as well as pickup development services. Please contact our sales department (button below: REQUEST INFO) regarding modification projects.

International Shipping Available - Please inquire
Atlas H.O. High Output - 20% more power +  wider tonal range - 4, 5 or 6 string - standard flush pole pieces 

4 string  direct P Bass replacement
PBSH020517A - $135.00

5 String Fender P* Made in America version
PBSH020517B/A - $165.00

6 string P bass 
PBSH020517B/B - $180.00