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New American Classics
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M2TM Custom 

Specifications - 

25 Inch scale
Mahogany Body
Mahogany set neck 
Type 1 Potted humbucker
AVT 2 Bridge
Ebony, Rosewood or Maple

Gold, Black or Chrome Hardware

White, Black, Red (solid),  Natural , Amber , Tobacco, Orange, Cherry (Transparent)

Custom Top Plates Available - any exotic wood species + $200 + wood charge

MSRP - $3100
Product Name
Product Name
M2TM Standard

Specifications - 

25 Inch Scale 
Alder Body
Rock Maple set neck
Type 1 Neck Humbucker
        & Type II Bridge
3 Way Pickup Selector
Volume & Tone
Series/Single/Parallel pickup
         tone shaping  

White, Black, Red (solid), Natural, Amber, Tobacco, Orange, Cherry, Blue (transparent) 

Custom Top Plates Available - any exotic wood species + $200 + wood charge

MSRP - $2550
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M2TM Special 

Specifications -

Same as Standard, but without tone shaping pickup switches. (shown with optional Figured Redwood top plate) 

MSRP - $2200 + $400 optional
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Thick singing overwound magnet-under bobbin neck pickup and bright, powerful magnet-in-bobbin bridge pickup make this guitar the perfect blend of mellowness with lots of  snarl on tap. 
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