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New American Classics
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Subtly radical -  It's our take on the popular Jazz bass recipe. It's tough to improve on the venerable J bass, but the result is a much more versatile, comfortable and playable bass. It features:

- the fattest and most well-defined sounding B and E strings on the planet - the reversed headstock makes the B and E strings the longest, and tightest-sounding of any bass. Why go to a 35 inch scale to get tight, focused B tone? 

- a shorter 32 inch fretboard for increased speed and playabilty and ZERO neck dive 

- more offset body than a Fender Jazz Bass. It's more comfortable to play, and we think it looks even cooler.

- John East 3 band active boost and cut electronics with sweepable mid controls let you dial your bass into any room or setting.

- M&V Atlas P style and Supertone J style pickups in the P and J bass locations yield all the classic sounds plus a lot more.

- slim shallow C asymmetric neck profile and 1.5 inch nut on the five string version is super comfortable.

Although all M&V products are essentially custom instruments, our basic recipe usually includes:

Individually selected quarter sawn one piece maple neck

One piece premium quality alder body

Hand-cut unbleached Bison bone nut

Hipshot Ultralight tuners

M&V Atlas & Supertone J wide range pickup set

Fender premium quality intermediate weight bridge

Stainless Steel dual action truss rod

Ultra thin lacquer finish

Easy-access Gotoh battery box

Oversize strap buttons

Choice of fretboard and inlay materials

MSRP - $4100 as shown with 5A flame maple top over 1 piece swamp ash body, gold hardware, cocobolo fretboard and turquoise inlays. - base price $3650 - contact us for a price quote for your particular combination of options.
Jz Bass TM    Faster action, fatter sound, infinite tonal flexibility 
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Jz Bass shown below a typical Fender 5 string Jazz Bass body and neck for comparison. 
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