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Supertone JTM Jazz Bass Pickup Upgrade 
More punch, bottom and mids for your Jazz Bass* direct replacment for Jazz Bass Pickups - no
                                    modifications required.

While the iconic sound of the Fender Jazz Bass* has helped create some of the most memorable bass lines in music history, some folks have found the stock pickup sound to be too thin, too noisy, and lacking the "guts" and thickness of Precision Bass* or Soap Bar style humbucking pickups. 

The new Supertone JTM series is 100% noiseless (unlike stock single coil Jazz Bass* pickups) and adds depth, thickness and warmth comparable to Precision Bass* pickups.  AlNiCo pole pieces provide consistent string distance along with calibrated pickup voicing for incomparably broad, flat frequency output.

Supertone JTM pickups are designed to keep up with the massive output of M&V Atlas Precision Bass replacement pickups for the fattest, hardest hitting P-J setup on the planet. 

14K ohms nominal
Available with 2 or 4 leads for series or parallel coil circuits or switching. 

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Supertone J Replacement Upgrade Jazz Bass Pickups -

PBSC070414N - neck - $140
PBSC070414B - bridge - $140

Pair - $260

​PJ pair - Supertone J Bridge + Atlas Neck pickup combo

Pair - $240
* Jazz Bass and Precision Bass are trademarks of the Fender Musical Instrument Corporation. M&V Guitars & Pickups are not associated in any way with Fender Musical Instrument Corp. 

We offer some custom shop modification services as well as pickup development services. Please contact our sales department (button below: REQUEST INFO) regarding modification projects.
5 String Jazz Bass* pickup upgrade. More punch, bottom and mids. Give your B string the power and focus it deserves. 

PBSC120114N (Neck)  - $160

PBSC120114B (Bridge) - $160

Pair - $300

PJ pair - Supertone J Bridge + Atlas Neck pickup combo

Pair - $285
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