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New American Classics
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Type 2 

Typical  "PAF" humbucking pickups have a single rectangular bar magnet mounted underneath the two pickup bobbins. In Type II M&V Humbuckers, the magnets are literally mounted inside the bobbin, as in Fender*-style guitars. The magnets are directly under the strings.  The magnet directly under the string is one of the major reasons single coil pickups sound so much more transparent and clear than typical dual coil humbuckers.  

The pole pieces in the pickup shown above are Alnico magnet slugs that are normally found in single coil Stratocaster* pickups.  

Magnets-in-bobbin is what makes our Type II pickups a balanced blend of both  humbuckers and single coil pickups, but without the usual single coil noise. 

The sheer power and hum-bucking of PAFs is preserved, while the frequency response and presence is greatly broadened by the magnets' proximity tp the strings. Players have described M&V Type IIs as  sounding similar to very powerful P-90's but completely without any hum. 

M&V's own oversize bobbins fill the standard PAF pickup ring without a cover, allowing room for more pickup windings, and sometimes taller bobbin profiles are featured for more highs. 

Pickups are available with Alnico 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 or ceramic magnets, with resistance ratings ranging from 2K to 15K.  ​

Custom pickup designs can be produced on a special order basis.  

Type I (Standard Style Humbuckers)

M&V Type I Humbuckers preserve the original magnet-under-bobbin architecture, but also changes some hardware on different versions to change pickup  inductance, resistance, etc.

These pickups, having the same architecture as standard PAFs,  sound much like PAFs. The enlarged pickup bobbins allow for considerable over-winding to achieve high power output, as well as strategic metal placement to enhance overall pickup inductance. Dual Pole Screw models are also available.

All M&V pickups feature 4 lead connection for maximum flexibility in wiring options and tonal color.  

M&V Type II Humbuckers - a balanced blend of powerful dual coil humbuckers with single coil pickup clarity - 

Hand scatter-wound non-potted pickups with the magnet slugs inside oversize bobbin construction (instead of a single bar  magnet underneath the bobbin, as in traditional PAF humbuckers) opens a new world of power and clarity for Humbucker players. Taller bobbin and revised internal architecture retains the power of dual coil humbuckers but adds the highs and snap missing in typical PAF style humbuckers. Get the bite and clarity of single coil pickups with the richness, power and hum-free operation of dual coil humbuckers. 

Custom exotic wood bobbin faces are available. 
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M&V Standard PAF size Replacement Humbucking Pickups
Drop-in replacement for standard PAF Humbuckers 
M&V Type II Magnet-in-bobbin Humbucking Pickup with optional Waterfall Bubinga covers. 
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M&V Guitars & Pickups warrant the operation of our pickups for defects in material or workmanship for 5 years. We have a 21 day exchange period for tonal reasons, for which you will receive a basic specification Fender-style M&V Precision Bass pickup for the same price. Both exchanges and warranty repairs require that the pickups be un-altered, with original length unaltered lead wires, and be undamaged by punctures, corrosion, or any other externally caused physical damage.  
We offer some custom shop modification services as well as pickup development services. Please contact our sales department (button below: REQUEST INFO) regarding modification projects.
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M&V Type II PAF style Humbuckers with extra tall bobbins, AlNiCo pole pieces and 4 leads - available with a variety of custom winds, magnets and bobbin heights. 
Ordering Details

Pickups are supplied with standard magnet polarity (South poles on outside) unless otherwise requested. 

Any combination of type, resistance, magnet grade or material color may be specified. 

For Custom wood covers or special colors,

Standard Type 1 pickups - $125.00

Standard Type 2 pickups - $135.00

Exotic or common wood covers - add $50 + cost of wood

White or black plastic bobbins are standard

M&V Type I PAF Style Humbucking pickup (with magnet under the bobbins touching slug pole pieces)
International Shipping Available - Please inquire