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New American Classics
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About M&V Guitars
Throughout my career of playing guitar and bass for several decades, the electric guitars of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and the rest of rock's pantheon always fascinated and captivated me. Their styling, woods and performance meld together to give each model it's own mystique. As an engineer, questions like what makes a Les Paul sound and play like a Les Paul, or what makes a Stratocaster so versatile have been my life-long study and obsession. 

In 2008 Dennis MacPherson, of MacPherson Guitarworks and Black Pearl guitars and I joined forces to create M&V Guitars and Pickups. The combination of what Dennis had learned in 20 years of guitar building and repair and work at Oscar Schmidt Musical Instruments, with my engineering, manufacturing and guitar studies background resulted in some really unique guitars and basses with their own distinctive sound, performance and vibe.

We try to address musical needs or solve problems, such as how to make a Jazz Bass style pickup sound thicker, or how to make the low B string on a bass sound more well-defined, or a guitar beyond the versatility of a Strat. Got a question or desire for a guitar or bass? Let us know, and we might just be able to design your solution. 

A major part of our sound begins with our own pickups and controls. Unlike most other boutique builders, our guitars and bass feature our own pickups. We often start from a "clean sheet of paper", or sometimes modify other manufacturers' pickup designs or components into new configurations.  You can expect M&V guitars to cover the traditional electric guitar and bass sounds, and go well beyond. We create authentic American instruments for demanding professionals who are ready to try something new to inspire their own unique sound and musical identity.  

M&V Guitars are made using only the finest woods, hardware and manufacturing techiniques. The way our guitars are built, cost really is no object. Bodies and necks are always 1 piece woods of the highest quality, carefully assembled and finished in the thinnest modern lacquer, then lovingly set-up by an experienced luthier. We use only the finest quality U.S., British or Japanese electronics. Our goal is not to sell as many guitars as we can, but rather to make the best, most inspired  instruments it is possible to make.  
Are you ready for something different?   

Jason Houtsma on an M2 Custom at Bethany Church in Wyckoff, NJ
Ben Stamper deploys an M2 Standard at Zebulon Club in Brooklyn, 2011
Joe Vervoordt with a Titan V bass at Bethany Church in Washington Twp, NJ.
M&V Guitars & Pickups  - Warwick, NY 10990
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Dennis MacPherson with Studio #1 prior to painting
in 2008
We offer some custom shop modification services as well as pickup development services. Please contact our sales department (button below: Contact Us) regarding modification projects.
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